DASH Center for the Arts

DASH Center for the Arts is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality arts education to all people, creating youth programs that directly counteract gang and other negative influences, and opportunities for minority artists to showcase their works. The DASH Center for the Arts is a home for people, primarily youth, to develop natural talent, confidence, and self-esteem, as well as acquire the skills necessary for a career in the arts.


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Our Vision

Growing Talent

The DASH Center for the Arts is a dynamic organization that has come to be recognized as a “talent incubator.” While it started as a place where Dancing, Acting, and Singing were done in Harmony, DASH has grown into so much more. Photography, studio engineering, and percussion are just a few of the classes in the DASH Center’s course catalog.


A Space for ALL Artists

For teens in under-privileged communities who do not readily accept an inevitable future of poverty and criminality, there often exists a real drive to “get out.” In other words, to break free from their circumstances and move on to bigger and brighter things.  In Tacoma, the main avenue promoted to our minority kids is athletics.  Basketball, football, and baseball are looked upon as the “save-all” for our inner-city youth, and often this avenue proves successful. But what hope can we offer to young people who are not athletic or even interested in athletics? What about those kids who are artistic? Where do they go to expand their options and brighten their futures? It is rare to find a venue that offers both high-quality AND low-cost opportunities for young people to develop their creative talents and prepare for collegiate and professional artistic opportunities. DASH Center is that venue for all of Tacoma-Pierce County.


Finding Self

Artistic youth are many times looked upon as “different.” Unless introduced to the arts, many youth don’t realize their difference is an artistic talent. Participation in DASH Center programs has helped many youth who were lost or even acting out in school find a unique way to confront their feelings, approach their issues, and communicate their passion constructively. The arts help build self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth. These are the characteristics one needs to “get out.” By helping to build these characteristics in our underprivileged youth, we cultivate in them the knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of other persons and cultures. DASH Center for the Arts helps prepare these youth to make waves in our society.